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For many who come to Lourdes, there is a need for assistance over the course of the week, and during travel to and from the UK. 

Every year we can accommodate approximately 75 Assisted Pilgrims. Some who travel with us require a high level of dedicated care, others may just need help getting around or a guiding hand during the week.

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An important aspect of coming on the Ampleforth Pilgrimage is feeling part of a supportive and welcoming community, a core element of Benedictine life. Assisted Pilgrims stay together in dedicated specialist accommodation, the Acceuil Marie St Frai, which is the hub of daily activity during the week for the whole Pilgrimage.

Meals are eaten at common tables in a central Pilgrimage dining room, served by fellow pilgrims. Assistance from helpers and the clinical team is provided 24/7 whilst in Lourdes. We spend a lot of time out and about as a whole Pilgrimage, or in smaller groups, where Assisted Pilgrims are able to participate fully in all Pilgrimage activities.



We are always delighted to hear from individuals or family members of those who feel called to come to Lourdes as an Assisted Pilgrim. To learn more please contact our Clinical Team via email by clicking below.

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